Brexit's reasons

United Kingdom future and the consequences for EU-27

The evolution of foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing countries and from developing countries to developing countries are one of the important elements of the XXIst century paradigm shift, in addition to demographics, technological revolution and the magnitude of the population getting access to a new wealth. This post analyses FDI inflows and outflows by income groups, geographic regions and countries.

La mondialisation et son impact sur la gestion des risques

Globalization and its impact on international trade

Since the 1990s, lower tariffs, resulting from new information technologies and international trade agreements, have greatly accelerated globalization. This increase in globalization can be analyzed through its impact on GDP, tariff rates, as well as its impact on the export and import of goods and services.

La mondialisation et son impact sur le commerce international

La mondialisation s’est accélérée depuis les années 90 avec le développement des nouvelles technologies de l’information et les accords commerciaux entre pays qui ont fait baisser les droits de douane. Voici les impacts analysés : PIB, exportations et importations des biens et services.

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